In Joy Us Strapless Strapon System Review

This is one of the more complex sex toy reviews that I have ever done. So much so that I’ve split this review into two parts. What you read below is the pure review of the toy itself. In a second part on my own blog, I discuss the experience I’ve had with the company. (Which I feel isn’t entirely appropriate for a standard sex toy review.) I contacted New Love Creations, the company behind the In Joy Us strapless strap-on system after seeing their call on twitter for lesbian couples willing to test their toy.

In Joy UsThe Quick and Dirty Stats: The In Joy Us is a strapless strap-on system that relies on the power of your own pc muscles to hold in an internal “wedge” to which multiple strap on attachments can be affixed. In our kit, we received a Lela attachment, a Lily attachment and the original In Joy Us internal piece. The “Lela” dildo attachment measures 8 1/2 inches in overall length (7 inches of usable length), and is 2 inches in diameter. The “Lily” dildo attachment measures 6 1/2 inches in overall length (5 inches of usable length), and is 1 1/8 inches in diameter. Along with the In Joy Us “hook”, there was a packet of water based lube and an instruction pamphlet  included in the easy to open plastic clam shell container.

Overall Feel and Fit: All three units are made from silicone, and that “smooth yet somewhat tacky” feel that comes with some types of silicone. The realistic attachment and the In Joy Us hook are relatively heavy as far as a non-glass or metal sex toy goes, but the smaller swirled attachment is quite light. We knew as soon as we opened the box that one of the attachments would never work well with Mrs, which I’ll get into detail about below.

Strapless strap onUsability: The In Joy Us comes with a set of constructions on how to get this somewhat large sized internal hook inside of your body with minimal discomfort. I followed the instructions to a T – laying on your back with your legs bent and spread, you’re told to insert your clean fingers into your vagina – first one, then two, then three – so that your body is ready to accept this hook. Compared to the other strapless strapon systems I have used, this has the largest internal piece by far. Using a ton of lube (the whole packet as well as my own supply) I managed to get the hook in. It was not easy, and not quick, so don’t plan on using this toy for any spur-of-the-moment activities. The process from start to finish took me around 20 minutes. If I would have rushed it, it wasn’t going to happen. (Keeping in mind that I’ve also given birth to a child vaginally, so my “space” isn’t quite as tight as it used to be.)

strapless strapon with changable dildoThen came round two of “try and fit this toy inside of a pussy” – penetrating my wife. To be honest, we didn’t even attempt to get the Lela attachment in. Mrs is a gold star lesbian who has never given birth. We always use smaller toys on her to start with, and the porn-star sized realistic dildo wasn’t going to fit no matter what we did. That left us with the Lela. The toy fit in her well with a good lob of lube, and according to her, felt quite pleasant inside. I was slightly worried about the flexibility of the toy, but it didn’t create too much of an issue during use. The hook stayed inside my body, giving me a “full” feeling the entire time. My body’s layout must be a bit different than what the toy was designed for, as the ridges meant to hit your clit fell short of the mark  with me, even with the hook fully inserted correctly.

Cleanup and Storage: Not quite sure why, but these toys seem to be as much of a lint magnet as a few of the jelly toys we own. Other silicone toys we have don’t quite attract this much lint, even though they are stored in the same way. This is definitely a toy that you’ll need to clean both before and after use. Luckily, with it being silicone, that isn’t too much of an issue. We’re getting enough dishwasher safe toys now that we can throw them all in the dishwasher cycle every few months in between their usual soap and water bath. We haven’t run these pieces through a cycle yet, so if there any problems we’ll update this post!

InJoyUs Sex Toy

Shipping: I did have multiple issues with the shipping of this product, which can be read here. New Love Creations advised me after I brought up my concerns that they will be altering their shipping methods to correct any errors. As of the date of this review, their shipping charges page has not been corrected, so I do suggest if you plan on purchasing this unit from New Love Creations, you contact directly for an accurate shipping cost.

Value for Money: In my opinion, this is an expensive toy. All three pieces retail for more than $240 (just under £150). When I discussed this price level with someone who was working with In Joy Us, they explained that NLC were trying to make up the initial investment into the product line, as well as make sure they have earned enough for a secondary run. From a business standpoint, I can see what they are trying to do, but I can’t help but think that high price tag is going to make some buyers very weary – especially as it is a new and not-yet-established company. At this time, I would not feel comfortable paying that price for this toy system – even if I take the Lela attachment and cost out of the equation.

Review Disclaimer – I was provided this InJoyUs strapless strapon system in exchange for a review from New Love Creations. This review is my true and honest opinion in relation to this toy. Prices and exchange rates were accurate as of the post date of this review and are subject to change. 


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I do love a good lube. Seeing that the Mrs and I were going through our sex toy shash and doing a bit of a spring clean out, the email from Pasante asking me to test out their latest lubes couldn’t have come at a better time. Expecting a smaller sample size of one of the lubes, I was pleasantly suprised to have two full sized bottles arrive in my mailbox a few days later. Here’s my take on the Pasante Bullet Silicone and Water Based lubes.

Pasante Silicon Lubricant

Quick and dirty stats: The first thing that caught my eye when the Pasante Bullet lubricants arrived were the unusual packaging. Each lube bottle lives up to the name and is actually shaped like an oversized bullet. This does have it’s down sides, as I’ll discuss in the usability section. The silicone lube is in a silver bottle with a gold colored cap, with the water based lube being the opposite – gold colored bottle with silver colored cap. (Although, I must admit – the OCD in me swapped the caps so that the water based lube is entirely gold, and the silicone lube silver.) Each bottle holds 75mls of lube and has a smaller sized push-down pump to dispense the lubricant. One thing that I do appreciate about the Pasante lubes is that they actually have an expiration date stamped at the bottom of the lubes. My silicone lube will ‘go off’ in October 2015, and my water based bottle the year before.

Overall Feel and Fit: Both lubes are pretty much what you expect. The clear lubes are relatively odorless, with the silicone lube being somewhat thicker than the water based lube. Like most silicone lubes, this one stayed on the skin longer during my “back of the hand” test as compared to the water based lube. The bottle has a nice and flat base, so storing it in my toy cupboard was easy.

Pasante Water LubricantUsability: I used the Pasante Bullet Lube in several solo sessions, both with toys and without. The pump action on the bottle was easy to use, taking around 2-3 pumps to get the amount of lube I generally used on my own. I started with the water based lube with a silicone dildo (as silicone dildos and silicone lubes don’t mix). The lube covered the toy well and wasn’t too thin that it dripped off before use. The experience was quite pleasurable, not getting that ‘gummied up’ half dry lube issue that you sometimes get with lubricants. My next run was using the silicone lube and my fingers. I prefer silicone lubes overall, and tend to use them quite a bit during tribadism. I loved how the Pasante Silicone Lube lasted as long as I did, and I didn’t need to reapply any before I came. In subsequent tests – glass dildo & silicone lube, silicone covered vibe & water based lube, and solo with the water based lube – were all to be as expected. The water based lube didn’t last as long, but that’s pretty standard given the nature of the lube to begin with.

I do think I’ve come across a rather large flaw in the whole bullet shaped packaging thing, though. If your hands are slightly slippy, taking the cap off the top is nearly impossible. After pumping a bit of the silicone lube into my hands then dabbing it onto my body, I realized I needed a bit more for my sex toy (in this case, a glass dildo). Because I still had some of the lube on my fingers, trying to get the tapered cap to come off was impossible. I had to find an article of clothing to cover my hand with, then take the cap off this way. I suggest that if you are using Bullet Lube, wait until you are completely done with your session before putting the cap back on.

Lube For CondomsCleanup and Storage: Pasante lubes cleaned off my body as well as the toys with no issues what so ever. For me, I washed my hands and used a wipe down below, and was ready to get on with my day. For the toys, a quick bath in warm soapy water and a quick rub with a face cloth got all the lube off. There was no ‘scum’ left of the toys as I’ve found with other lubes, so it didn’t need a re-wash after the initial swim in the sink.

Value for money: Hopping onto Google to check out how much Pasante Lubes are selling for, it was a bit hard to actually find anywhere that was selling them – especially to US customers. Lovehoney sells the water based lube for £6.99 and the silcone one for £7.99Amazon carries them for a few pounds more. In my searching, I wasn’t able to find a US retailer for the lubes other than, and I checked the usual suspects of American sex toy retailers. As far as lubes go, the price isn’t too heafty for the amount and quality that you get. I’d consider buying this lube in the future and would mention it to friends who were in the market for a new lube.

Review Disclaimer – I was provided the pair of Pasante lubricants in exchange for a review from Pasante. This review is my true and honest opinion in relation to this toy. Prices and exchange rates were accurate as of the post date of this review and are subject to change. The links to Pasante lubes contained in this review are my own affiliate links. You can click here for an un-coded non affiliate link to Amazon’s Pasante Bullet Lube results. 


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Venus, an exceptionally beautiful and conservative woman, has her ordinary existence as a college teacher rudely disturbed as her favorite student pushes a set of pictures under her nose that showcase her carnal desires and skills at handling cock, not her husband’s cock though.

Charles is the brilliant student who offers her a trade that to his by lust distorted mind is thoroughly fair and reasonable: his discretion with the photos and the sextape he has of his teacher, in exchange for her obedience as his own little whore. Miserably, Venus sees no other choice but to accept and starts her decent into a personal hell that is centered around the humiliation and exploitation of her conservative self.

Worse still is Venus’s discovery of how her own body betrays her with a lust that she never dared to express before. Leading to not only an increase in the humiliation that she experiences at the start of each sexual experience that Charles forces upon her, but also an increased determination of her student to ‘set free’ what he considers her true nature: the nature of a natural whore.

This is the start of a tale of a woman’s journey of sexual exploration that confronts her with her own sexual nature and the limitations she enforced on herself, but which now she is forced to let go off.

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Freebie Erotica: Playing Post Office #1

free erotica on amazonFrom the author of Playing Post Office #1

Have you ever wondered why your mailman was running late? Maybe it’s because he found a new “friend.” I carried your mail for more than twenty years, and if you ever wondered why your mail was late, well, this might explain it. During my time as a letter carrier I met some of the most beautiful and lonely women you could ever imagine…also some of the horniest. I have begun sharing some of my sexual adventures in a series of stories. The most amazing thing about them is that every one of them is true.

Joanne was one of the first ladies I encountered during my tenure with the Post Office, and one of the most exciting. Everything about her made me want her. You’ll just have to read to find out what happened the first time we met. And that doesn’t even include…well, you’ll just have to read. When I shared one of them on a forum, the reader said it made him blush…yes, HIM. I think you’ll find some of the hottest sex scenes ever in this story. I hope you like it.

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Episode 1 of ‘Filthy Minded’ sees Zushka and the barbarians carrying on from their orgy with the soul walker to the castle of the Oracles. They’re there to ask the sensual seers what the tribe’s future will be should they go to war, but the Oracles want a taste of them before they give out this information. And so the barbarians go to sleep, and the Oracles delve into their dreams with them, probing around in the warriors’ deepest fantasies, as well as anywhere else that might be probed. Latimex has a dream in which he has an orgy with a group of people, and feels their every sensation even as he feels his own. Kelsha has a dream that she half-fights, half-fucks the male Oracle Marcelus, the two of them falling down a spiral staircase, with every bang along the way driving the two of them deeper and deeper into one another. Zushka is not as fortunate though, for the conniving God of Lust, Vuuhrlo, has corrupted the female Oracle, Cassandra, and he uses her to try and prevent the barbarians from getting what they want. Will they be able to turn it round, and surprise the God of Fucking with some cunning moves of their own?

Filthy Minded – Episode 1 (Barbarian Empress) will be available for free on the following dates:

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Free Erotica eBookFrom Mr X, the author of The Neighbor Experiment:

Writing The Neighbor Experiment allowed me to delve even deeper into the sort of edgy erotic situations that obsess me here, and the result is easily the hottest thing I’ve ever written. It includes a cast of intriguing characters, at the center of which are Marco and Julie Fierro, a young Manhattan couple trying to find their way in a world where there’s never enough money and where routine quickly dulls passion. Other characters include a striking Englishwoman with unusual tastes; an elegant investor with one mouthwatering feature; a busty teenager living for thrills; and a hunky barista at the local cafe. They are all strangers…at least until the Fierros look out their apartment window one night and discover the shocking habits of the neighbors. The plot then rips through scenes of voyeurism, jealousy, swapping, adventure, bribery, seduction, and bondage. Ultimately it’s a love story about this young couple trying to find other ways to live.

I set myself my own dare with this one: create scenes more imaginative – and more explicit – than any I had ever written before, and when I read through it now I’m sometimes shocked by just how much I ended up daring.

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RodeoH Gray Boxer Harness Review

RodeoH Gray Boxer Harness Review

*This review was written by Mrs Goodnight, Ruby’s wife.

This is my second pair of RodeoHs – The RodeoH gray boxer. I loved the brief style, which was my first pair, but I fancied a different style this time round. This style is my ideal style of underwear as I love the thick waistband and that they cover my inner thighs.


RodeoH Strapon HarnessQuick and dirty stats.
The RodeoH boxers are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. They can be purchased in various sizes ranging from 23 to 55 inches and you’re advised to select a size smaller than what you would usually buy for appropriate use of the harness. You can buy the boxers in gray, black and claret. All RodeoH products come in a care bag with dog tags.

RodeoH Strap on Harness

Overall feel and fit.
In my opinion, comfort is always very important for both parties when it comes to a strap on harness. RodeoH take this very seriously and have executed it quite brilliantly. I have tried other strap on harnesses in the past and they always irritate me somewhere and I can’t wait to get them off. That’s not something you want when having sex and RodeoHs prevent that. Unlike most strap on harnesses that are made of plastic, the soft material of the RodeoHs move with your body in all the right ways. The boxers are so cosy that I will wear them all day and even to sleep in and I NEVER wear underwear when I sleep.

RodeoH Underwear straponUsability.
Strap on harnesses can take time to put on, adjust and fasten belts and buckles. Rodeohs are as simple as putting on underwear and sliding in a flared based dildo with a base diameter of 1.5 to 2 inches in the slit on the top inside of the boxers. None of the heat of the moment will be lost in this time frame. The importance of buying 1 size smaller is vital for use as a strap on harness as it keeps the dildo close to your body. We have used a couple of different sized dildos with the boxers and the o-ring holds them in place tremendously. The guide length of a dildo is 5 to 6 inches.

Clean up and storage.
Clean up is as easy as pie with RodeoHs. They are machine washable at a low temperature and that’s something you can’t say about many strap on harnesses. As you have the care bag that the boxers came with, it’s the perfect place to keep them.

Value for money.
RodeoH boxers retail at $49 in the online store plus $5.60 domestic shipping. International shipping is also available and it’s fast. You can buy them at, and other online retailers. Based on the amount of comfort and pleasure the RodeoHs can provide, I would say they are well worth the money.


**Review Disclaimer – The RodeoH boxers were provided for free WITHOUT a request to review them. My partner and I enjoyed this product so much that we thought they deserved the attention. The fact we got it for free does not affect my opinions of the product. I stand by the statements made above. The links contained in this review are Ruby’s affiliate links. For an uncoded non-affiliate link, please click here.

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Dishabille (Apprivoisé)! It is available free on your Kindle from August 31st to September 3rd.

Dahlia Warwick was tired. She’d spent the last decade in a lustless marriage and now that she was free, she wasn’t going to sit around and wait for someone else to control her sex life. She wanted sex and a nice flogging, in no particular order. The irony wasn’t lost on her.

Alexander Marchand was a brilliant dom in the making. Well, he thought he was. If only someone would give him a proper chance. He was a couple inches shy of six feet tall and he looked about sixteen, so most women liked to pinch his cheeks after he’d given them a proper spanking. He might have been thirty, but it didn’t matter, no woman had ever taken him seriously with a flogger in his hands.
Until Dahlia. With Dahlia, he could be himself. It was only inevitable that he’d fall in love with her. Luckily for Alex, Dahlia was a goner as well. Alex showed Dahlia what it was like to truly be desired and cared for, and she showed him what it was like to have someone at his whim, whenever he wanted. They were going to enjoy learning together.
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