Brown and Gold Striped Overbust Steampunk Corset

Brown and Gold Striped Overbust Steampunk Corset

I was going out to a writer’s event in London, and I decided to treat myself to a new steampunk corset. I had purchased corsets from Corsets UK before, and while there were a few issues with shipping and returns, I was overall pleased with their products. (Their customer service, however, left much to be desired.) This time, there was no hassle at all, and my Brown and Gold Striped Overbust corset arrived on time and in the right size.

Overall Feel & Fit: The corset itself is the typical front-buckle style. The corset lacing is quite strong, and there is enough extra for you to wear it as loose or as tight as you choose. The modestly panel is thin enough that it can be folded back if you wish to show your bare back underneath the lacing. This was my first ‘Steampunk’ style corset, and I have to admit I was very attracted to the panels of faux leather, with their brass colored zips and the cute pocket watch with matching chain.

A note about the pocketwatch – it stopped working about an hour after I took the corset out of its packaging. It seems the hands of the watch became disconnected from the time-keeping gears, as the second hand kept moving, but the minute and hour hands did not. Obviously, I didn’t buy the corset for just the watch, but it was disappointing that it broke so quickly. I do plan on replacing it with a working watch.

The Brown and Gold Striped Overbust Steampunk Corset is steel boned, which is the only type I wear, as acrylic boning won’t support my breasts. This corset had no troubles keeping its shape under their weight, and providing the support where it was needed. I would recommend this corset for those who like the style and shape, but not if the selling point is the watch!

UsabilityUnfortunately for me, when I wear corsets, I tend to be on my own. I’m quite used to getting in and out of corsets without any help, but this one was a particular challenge. You can’t see it in the pic, but there was a slight difference in where the eyelets lined up along the front of this Brown and Gold Striped Overbust Steampunk Corset, which made securing the front a twenty minute affair.

Cleanup & StorageCorsets can be an absolute bitch to clean. Corsets UK suggests you only dry-clean your corsets. For the price I paid, I wouldn’t have too much of an issue sending this steampunk corset to a cleaners if need be. When I wore this corset, I had a body stocking on to reduce the amount of residue that would be left on the inside from wearing it. This, coupled with a quick wipe from some baby-wipes when I took it off, kept it looking as good as it was when I took it out of the packaging.

Value for Money: I purchased this corset when it was one of their ‘deals of the day’, so I paid less than the £60 they were selling this for at the time of writing this blog. The RRP for this corset was listed a £115. I would say it is worth close to the £60, but I would certainly not pay more than that. While I have only worn the corset once so far, it does seem quite durable, other than the pocket watch as I discussed before.

** Review Disclaimer – I paid for this product myself – it was not provided to me in exchange for any review, nor have I been paid for this review. 

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