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I do love a good lube. Seeing that the Mrs and I were going through our sex toy shash and doing a bit of a spring clean out, the email from Pasante asking me to test out their latest lubes couldn’t have come at a better time. Expecting a smaller sample size of one of the lubes, I was pleasantly suprised to have two full sized bottles arrive in my mailbox a few days later. Here’s my take on the Pasante Bullet Silicone and Water Based lubes.

Pasante Silicon Lubricant

Quick and dirty stats: The first thing that caught my eye when the Pasante Bullet lubricants arrived were the unusual packaging. Each lube bottle lives up to the name and is actually shaped like an oversized bullet. This does have it’s down sides, as I’ll discuss in the usability section. The silicone lube is in a silver bottle with a gold colored cap, with the water based lube being the opposite – gold colored bottle with silver colored cap. (Although, I must admit – the OCD in me swapped the caps so that the water based lube is entirely gold, and the silicone lube silver.) Each bottle holds 75mls of lube and has a smaller sized push-down pump to dispense the lubricant. One thing that I do appreciate about the Pasante lubes is that they actually have an expiration date stamped at the bottom of the lubes. My silicone lube will ‘go off’ in October 2015, and my water based bottle the year before.

Overall Feel and Fit: Both lubes are pretty much what you expect. The clear lubes are relatively odorless, with the silicone lube being somewhat thicker than the water based lube. Like most silicone lubes, this one stayed on the skin longer during my “back of the hand” test as compared to the water based lube. The bottle has a nice and flat base, so storing it in my toy cupboard was easy.

Pasante Water LubricantUsability: I used the Pasante Bullet Lube in several solo sessions, both with toys and without. The pump action on the bottle was easy to use, taking around 2-3 pumps to get the amount of lube I generally used on my own. I started with the water based lube with a silicone dildo (as silicone dildos and silicone lubes don’t mix). The lube covered the toy well and wasn’t too thin that it dripped off before use. The experience was quite pleasurable, not getting that ‘gummied up’ half dry lube issue that you sometimes get with lubricants. My next run was using the silicone lube and my fingers. I prefer silicone lubes overall, and tend to use them quite a bit during tribadism. I loved how the Pasante Silicone Lube lasted as long as I did, and I didn’t need to reapply any before I came. In subsequent tests – glass dildo & silicone lube, silicone covered vibe & water based lube, and solo with the water based lube – were all to be as expected. The water based lube didn’t last as long, but that’s pretty standard given the nature of the lube to begin with.

I do think I’ve come across a rather large flaw in the whole bullet shaped packaging thing, though. If your hands are slightly slippy, taking the cap off the top is nearly impossible. After pumping a bit of the silicone lube into my hands then dabbing it onto my body, I realized I needed a bit more for my sex toy (in this case, a glass dildo). Because I still had some of the lube on my fingers, trying to get the tapered cap to come off was impossible. I had to find an article of clothing to cover my hand with, then take the cap off this way. I suggest that if you are using Bullet Lube, wait until you are completely done with your session before putting the cap back on.

Lube For CondomsCleanup and Storage: Pasante lubes cleaned off my body as well as the toys with no issues what so ever. For me, I washed my hands and used a wipe down below, and was ready to get on with my day. For the toys, a quick bath in warm soapy water and a quick rub with a face cloth got all the lube off. There was no ‘scum’ left of the toys as I’ve found with other lubes, so it didn’t need a re-wash after the initial swim in the sink.

Value for money: Hopping onto Google to check out how much Pasante Lubes are selling for, it was a bit hard to actually find anywhere that was selling them – especially to US customers. Lovehoney sells the water based lube for £6.99 and the silcone one for £7.99Amazon carries them for a few pounds more. In my searching, I wasn’t able to find a US retailer for the lubes other than, and I checked the usual suspects of American sex toy retailers. As far as lubes go, the price isn’t too heafty for the amount and quality that you get. I’d consider buying this lube in the future and would mention it to friends who were in the market for a new lube.

Review Disclaimer – I was provided the pair of Pasante lubricants in exchange for a review from Pasante. This review is my true and honest opinion in relation to this toy. Prices and exchange rates were accurate as of the post date of this review and are subject to change. The links to Pasante lubes contained in this review are my own affiliate links. You can click here for an un-coded non affiliate link to Amazon’s Pasante Bullet Lube results. 


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Free Sex Toys from Erotic Toy TownAre you a sex blogger who is looking for some free sex toys? Maybe you have a sex toy review site and are looking for a few new toys to try? One of the companies that I work with, Erotic Toy Town, are currently looking for a select number of testers to write about their products on their own web site. This is a great opportunity for US-based sex toy reviewers who are looking to build up their web site, as well as established bloggers who are eager to get their hands on free sex toys.

So how does it work? Well, firstly, you should get in touch with me though my Erotic Toy Town email address – Ruby [at] In that email, let me know you are interested in getting you hands on some free sex toys in exchange for a review. I’ll also need a URL for your web site so I can make sure it meets the standards that Erotic Toy Town are looking for.

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Free Lube Sample from

Get a Free ID Lube Tester Kit at JustPleasure.MeIf you’re in the UK, the great folks at are currently giving away lubricant for free! Simply click on this link, and you’ll be sent to their page where you can order your free sample of ID Lubricants flavored lube.

ID Lubricants is the number one brand of UK lube, and has been voted the best water based lube since 1995. Since it’s a water based lube, it’s condom and sex toy friendly. It’s also sugar and calorie free for those of you who are counting your calories (and want to keep the yeast infections at bay, because we all know vaginas + sugar lubes = yeast infections).

You don’t need to order anything else – all that you need to do is register an account, fill in your shipping details, and wait for the post man to arrive with your free flavored lube! There are seriously no strings attached. For my order of free lube, I chose the Wild Cherry. It’s also available in Fresh Peach, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Kiwi.

I would certainly move fast, as this promotion for free lubricant is only while supplied last, and certain flavors may go before others. When I receive my sample, I’ll be putting up a review on this blog, so stay tuned!