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Dahlia Warwick was tired. She’d spent the last decade in a lustless marriage and now that she was free, she wasn’t going to sit around and wait for someone else to control her sex life. She wanted sex and a nice flogging, in no particular order. The irony wasn’t lost on her.

Alexander Marchand was a brilliant dom in the making. Well, he thought he was. If only someone would give him a proper chance. He was a couple inches shy of six feet tall and he looked about sixteen, so most women liked to pinch his cheeks after he’d given them a proper spanking. He might have been thirty, but it didn’t matter, no woman had ever taken him seriously with a flogger in his hands.
Until Dahlia. With Dahlia, he could be himself. It was only inevitable that he’d fall in love with her. Luckily for Alex, Dahlia was a goner as well. Alex showed Dahlia what it was like to truly be desired and cared for, and she showed him what it was like to have someone at his whim, whenever he wanted. They were going to enjoy learning together.
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