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Episode 1 of ‘Filthy Minded’ sees Zushka and the barbarians carrying on from their orgy with the soul walker to the castle of the Oracles. They’re there to ask the sensual seers what the tribe’s future will be should they go to war, but the Oracles want a taste of them before they give out this information. And so the barbarians go to sleep, and the Oracles delve into their dreams with them, probing around in the warriors’ deepest fantasies, as well as anywhere else that might be probed. Latimex has a dream in which he has an orgy with a group of people, and feels their every sensation even as he feels his own. Kelsha has a dream that she half-fights, half-fucks the male Oracle Marcelus, the two of them falling down a spiral staircase, with every bang along the way driving the two of them deeper and deeper into one another. Zushka is not as fortunate though, for the conniving God of Lust, Vuuhrlo, has corrupted the female Oracle, Cassandra, and he uses her to try and prevent the barbarians from getting what they want. Will they be able to turn it round, and surprise the God of Fucking with some cunning moves of their own?

Filthy Minded – Episode 1 (Barbarian Empress) will be available for free on the following dates:

March 09 – 2013
March 16 – 2013
March 23 – 2013
March 30 – 2013

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