free ebook eroticaFrom the author of The Vampire Bracelet: Erotic Paranormal Romance ( # 2: Blood Genies series):

Hot, sexy paranormal bad boy! Nicholas Dumont is a “gen-vamp” a vampire-genie hybrid living inside of an antique bracelet and granting wishes for the exchange of blood.  He has a taste for wild sex. Bondage. Ties that bind.  But he is also desperate to fall in love and is trying to charm Marie North, his latest wish recipient, into stumbling into his arms.

Marie has known about gen-vamps since she was a child and is well aware of Nicholas’s bad boy reputation. She is fighting him tooth and bloody nail to keep him at bay.  All she wants is for her wish to come true.  But as the saying goes…be careful what you wish for. There is more at stake than meets the eye.

Praise for the Vampire Bracelet: “The hero has a playful sense of humor in and out of the bedroom–not only is he hot, so are the sex scenes. The hero and heroine’s banter is quick and delightful, building up the sexual tension…until it explodes .” Chris Marie Green (AKA Christine Cody), renowned author of the Vampire Babylon and Bloodlands series. 

Download this bite-size erotic tale by national bestselling author Sheri Whitefeather and get swept into the allure: passion, love, vampires, genies and emerald magic.

The Vampire Bracelet: Erotic Paranormal Romance ( # 2: Blood Genies series) is available for free on August 20th and 21st 2013 on Amazon! 

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