Free Sex Toys For Reviewers From Erotic Toy Town

Free Sex Toys from Erotic Toy TownAre you a sex blogger who is looking for some free sex toys? Maybe you have a sex toy review site and are looking for a few new toys to try? One of the companies that I work with, Erotic Toy Town, are currently looking for a select number of testers to write about their products on their own web site. This is a great opportunity for US-based sex toy reviewers who are looking to build up their web site, as well as established bloggers who are eager to get their hands on free sex toys.

So how does it work? Well, firstly, you should get in touch with me though my Erotic Toy Town email address – Ruby [at] In that email, let me know you are interested in getting you hands on some free sex toys in exchange for a review. I’ll also need a URL for your web site so I can make sure it meets the standards that Erotic Toy Town are looking for.

Once I’ve given your site a once over, I’ll ask for a few additional details, including which toy out of the Sex Toys for Sex Bloggers section you would like to review. If nothing there tickles your fancy, let me know which toy off the site you would like to review. Depending on availability, as well as a few other factors, we may be able to come to an arrangement!

This is also a great chance for those who have a steady following and like to host sex toy giveaways, or as prizes for contests you hold on your site. We’ve even had a few cam stars get in touch to have our toys featured in their live cam shows. Send me an email with your ideas, and we can see what free sex toys from Erotic Toy Town can do for you!

Ruby Goodnight Reviews
To celebrate the recent release of Justine G’s BLACKSTONE Book 2: GREEN FEVER DREAM, Martian Migraine Press is offering the first book in the series for free for THREE DAYS in August! — FRIDAY AUGUST 10 through to SUNDAY AUGUST 12 — We guarantee you’ll not read anything else like it this year! Put some colour back into your erotica with the BLACKSTONE series: RED MONOLITH FRENZY and GREEN FEVER DREAM!

Martian Migraine Press is proud to present RED MONOLITH FRENZY, the first book in the BLACKSTONE Erotica series by Justine G. A young anthropology student is drawn into a mad vortex of lust, prophecy, orgiastic cults, and the dangerous practice of sexual sorcery. What will it take to finally seduce the Professor? How many inbred freaks can fit into a dimensional gate and how slippery do they have to be? What dark secrets are kept in the shadow of the Black Stone?

Loosely based on a classic weird tale by Robert E Howard, RED MONOLITH FRENZY is a full 13,000 word novella of transgressive, bizarre sexuality, night-black humour, and cosmic horror! Open yourself to the perverted supernatural world of Justine G!

Praise for Book One of BLACKSTONE…

4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon

5 out of 5 Paddles and “… the best entertainment I’ve had in ages… f**king magnificent… sublime!” — BDSM Reviews

“… damned near the perfect Lovecraftian erotica. Fast-moving, darkly funny, twisted, sexy, and insane, all in the right proportions.”

Justine G “weaves creepy and raunchy into an altogether new kind of tapestry…”

Rodeohs Brief Dildo Harness Review

Rodeohs Brief Dildo Harness Review

My partner and I (known as Mrs Goodnight to the twitter world) had been eyeing up Rodeoh harness briefs for quite a while. We both have quite specific tastes when it comes to dildo harnesses, and the Rodeohs looked like something that would tick all our boxes.

Rodeohs Brief HarnessHow specific? For me, I don’t like strap on harnesses that have a belt that doubles as a thong. I either prefer to wear those that look like shorts / briefs, or those that have leg straps rather than crotch straps. I also don’t really like plastic or PVC harnesses. That pretty much eliminates 90% of the dildo harnesses out there. (Mrs Goodnight is pretty much the same, but isn’t so picky about the materials.) We recently sent our best shorts-style strap-on to harness heaven (yes, overuse) and we were actively looking for a new one. That’s when Jennifer from Rodeohs tweeted Mrs Goodnight and sent us a free pair of her choosing.

Mrs Goodnight picked out the Black & Red Brief that is the ‘classic’ Rodeohs style. After a few days, it arrived in our post box. The Rodeohs briefs came in their own little storage satchel as well as a pair of dog tags with the Rodeohs label imprinted. We had purchased a new pair of dildos for the occasion, and got right to work that night trying them out!

Overall Feel & FitRodeohs suggest that you purchase a size smaller than usual to get a proper fit for use as a harness. Mrs Goodnight did just that. Even though they are slightly smaller than her usual briefs, they were comfortable enough for her to wear around the house a few hours before we put them to work. We aren’t the ‘packing’ sort of lesbians, but if we were, these would be the kind of harness that we’d certainly wear. The materials are soft, without any pokes, prods or pinches that you can get standard dildo harnesses. Comfortable enough to wear as a regular pair of underwear.

Where can you get Rodeohs?

US: Direct from directly, as well as a number of other online retailers and brick-and-mortar shops.

UKLovehoney carries the briefs online, but you can also get them at the Sh! Store in London.

Usability: My only complaint about the Rodeohs is that the O-ring is not interchangeable. This isn’t a huge problem, since the O-ring that is in there is designed to hold dildos that are five to six inches long and one and a half to two inches in thickness – which pretty much covers all our dildos. You’ll need to use a dildo with a flared base for these. Getting the dildo inserted is a snap. Just pull the fabric to one side, push the dildo through the hole, and adjust accordingly. As far as using it during sex, my biggest worry is that it wouldn’t hold the dildo tight enough against Mrs Goodnight’s body, and we would have a floppy dong on our hands. That wasn’t the case at all! The Rodeohs held our dildo in place well enough that the thrusting action felt natural, but wasn’t so stiff that there was no give or movement at all. The perfect combo in my book. We’re tempted to put a Vac-U-Lock base behind the O-ring and have a try with a few of our Vac-U-Lock dildos to see how they work out!

Cleanup & Storage: The next morning, I washed the Rodeohs by hand in the sink with cold soapy water (the same time I cleaned off the dildos). They are currently drying in the window sill, and look like they did when Mrs Goodnight took it out of the storage bag. We only plan on using these as a harness and not regular underwear, so we are hoping they last us a VERY long time.

Value for Money: At the time this blog was posted, Rodeoh briefs were available from their online shop for $45, and the jockey shorts were selling for $49. They also have recently come out with a pair of lace briefs for $49 as well. We live in the UK, and tend to use Lovehoney for all our sex toy purchases. They are selling the briefs for just under £35. While that it a bit more than we tend to spend on stand-alone harnesses, we are going to make the exception with the Rodeohs. Not only do we feel that they are worth their price, we plan on buying a few more in the coming months (the next one being a pair of the jockey shorts).

 **Review Disclaimer – The Rodeohs were provided to my partner for free with no request to review them what so ever. We enjoyed this product so much that we thought they deserved the attention. The fact we got it for free does not effect my options of the product, and I stand by the statements made above. 


Free Lube Sample from

Get a Free ID Lube Tester Kit at JustPleasure.MeIf you’re in the UK, the great folks at are currently giving away lubricant for free! Simply click on this link, and you’ll be sent to their page where you can order your free sample of ID Lubricants flavored lube.

ID Lubricants is the number one brand of UK lube, and has been voted the best water based lube since 1995. Since it’s a water based lube, it’s condom and sex toy friendly. It’s also sugar and calorie free for those of you who are counting your calories (and want to keep the yeast infections at bay, because we all know vaginas + sugar lubes = yeast infections).

You don’t need to order anything else – all that you need to do is register an account, fill in your shipping details, and wait for the post man to arrive with your free flavored lube! There are seriously no strings attached. For my order of free lube, I chose the Wild Cherry. It’s also available in Fresh Peach, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Kiwi.

I would certainly move fast, as this promotion for free lubricant is only while supplied last, and certain flavors may go before others. When I receive my sample, I’ll be putting up a review on this blog, so stay tuned!

Brown and Gold Striped Overbust Steampunk Corset

Brown and Gold Striped Overbust Steampunk Corset

I was going out to a writer’s event in London, and I decided to treat myself to a new steampunk corset. I had purchased corsets from Corsets UK before, and while there were a few issues with shipping and returns, I was overall pleased with their products. (Their customer service, however, left much to be desired.) This time, there was no hassle at all, and my Brown and Gold Striped Overbust corset arrived on time and in the right size.

Overall Feel & Fit: The corset itself is the typical front-buckle style. The corset lacing is quite strong, and there is enough extra for you to wear it as loose or as tight as you choose. The modestly panel is thin enough that it can be folded back if you wish to show your bare back underneath the lacing. This was my first ‘Steampunk’ style corset, and I have to admit I was very attracted to the panels of faux leather, with their brass colored zips and the cute pocket watch with matching chain.

A note about the pocketwatch – it stopped working about an hour after I took the corset out of its packaging. It seems the hands of the watch became disconnected from the time-keeping gears, as the second hand kept moving, but the minute and hour hands did not. Obviously, I didn’t buy the corset for just the watch, but it was disappointing that it broke so quickly. I do plan on replacing it with a working watch.

The Brown and Gold Striped Overbust Steampunk Corset is steel boned, which is the only type I wear, as acrylic boning won’t support my breasts. This corset had no troubles keeping its shape under their weight, and providing the support where it was needed. I would recommend this corset for those who like the style and shape, but not if the selling point is the watch!

UsabilityUnfortunately for me, when I wear corsets, I tend to be on my own. I’m quite used to getting in and out of corsets without any help, but this one was a particular challenge. You can’t see it in the pic, but there was a slight difference in where the eyelets lined up along the front of this Brown and Gold Striped Overbust Steampunk Corset, which made securing the front a twenty minute affair.

Cleanup & StorageCorsets can be an absolute bitch to clean. Corsets UK suggests you only dry-clean your corsets. For the price I paid, I wouldn’t have too much of an issue sending this steampunk corset to a cleaners if need be. When I wore this corset, I had a body stocking on to reduce the amount of residue that would be left on the inside from wearing it. This, coupled with a quick wipe from some baby-wipes when I took it off, kept it looking as good as it was when I took it out of the packaging.

Value for Money: I purchased this corset when it was one of their ‘deals of the day’, so I paid less than the £60 they were selling this for at the time of writing this blog. The RRP for this corset was listed a £115. I would say it is worth close to the £60, but I would certainly not pay more than that. While I have only worn the corset once so far, it does seem quite durable, other than the pocket watch as I discussed before.

** Review Disclaimer – I paid for this product myself – it was not provided to me in exchange for any review, nor have I been paid for this review. 

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