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From the author of Venus From Teacher to Whore (A Tale of Exploitation and Abuse Part One):

Venus, an exceptionally beautiful and conservative woman, has her ordinary existence as a college teacher rudely disturbed as her favorite student pushes a set of pictures under her nose that showcase her carnal desires and skills at handling cock, not her husband’s cock though.

Charles is the brilliant student who offers her a trade that to his by lust distorted mind is thoroughly fair and reasonable: his discretion with the photos and the sextape he has of his teacher, in exchange for her obedience as his own little whore. Miserably, Venus sees no other choice but to accept and starts her decent into a personal hell that is centered around the humiliation and exploitation of her conservative self.

Worse still is Venus’s discovery of how her own body betrays her with a lust that she never dared to express before. Leading to not only an increase in the humiliation that she experiences at the start of each sexual experience that Charles forces upon her, but also an increased determination of her student to ‘set free’ what he considers her true nature: the nature of a natural whore.

This is the start of a tale of a woman’s journey of sexual exploration that confronts her with her own sexual nature and the limitations she enforced on herself, but which now she is forced to let go off.

Venus From Teacher to Whore (A Tale of Exploitation and Abuse Part One) is available for free permanently at Amazon! 

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From the author: 

Episode 1 of ‘Filthy Minded’ sees Zushka and the barbarians carrying on from their orgy with the soul walker to the castle of the Oracles. They’re there to ask the sensual seers what the tribe’s future will be should they go to war, but the Oracles want a taste of them before they give out this information. And so the barbarians go to sleep, and the Oracles delve into their dreams with them, probing around in the warriors’ deepest fantasies, as well as anywhere else that might be probed. Latimex has a dream in which he has an orgy with a group of people, and feels their every sensation even as he feels his own. Kelsha has a dream that she half-fights, half-fucks the male Oracle Marcelus, the two of them falling down a spiral staircase, with every bang along the way driving the two of them deeper and deeper into one another. Zushka is not as fortunate though, for the conniving God of Lust, Vuuhrlo, has corrupted the female Oracle, Cassandra, and he uses her to try and prevent the barbarians from getting what they want. Will they be able to turn it round, and surprise the God of Fucking with some cunning moves of their own?

Filthy Minded – Episode 1 (Barbarian Empress) will be available for free on the following dates:

March 09 – 2013
March 16 – 2013
March 23 – 2013
March 30 – 2013

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Freebie Erotica : The Neighbor Experiment

Free Erotica eBookFrom Mr X, the author of The Neighbor Experiment:

Writing The Neighbor Experiment allowed me to delve even deeper into the sort of edgy erotic situations that obsess me here, and the result is easily the hottest thing I’ve ever written. It includes a cast of intriguing characters, at the center of which are Marco and Julie Fierro, a young Manhattan couple trying to find their way in a world where there’s never enough money and where routine quickly dulls passion. Other characters include a striking Englishwoman with unusual tastes; an elegant investor with one mouthwatering feature; a busty teenager living for thrills; and a hunky barista at the local cafe. They are all strangers…at least until the Fierros look out their apartment window one night and discover the shocking habits of the neighbors. The plot then rips through scenes of voyeurism, jealousy, swapping, adventure, bribery, seduction, and bondage. Ultimately it’s a love story about this young couple trying to find other ways to live.

I set myself my own dare with this one: create scenes more imaginative – and more explicit – than any I had ever written before, and when I read through it now I’m sometimes shocked by just how much I ended up daring.

The Neighbor Experiment is available FREE from Amazon from March 04 to March 08, 2013!

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Ruby Goodnight Reviews
To celebrate the recent release of Justine G’s BLACKSTONE Book 2: GREEN FEVER DREAM, Martian Migraine Press is offering the first book in the series for free for THREE DAYS in August! — FRIDAY AUGUST 10 through to SUNDAY AUGUST 12 — We guarantee you’ll not read anything else like it this year! Put some colour back into your erotica with the BLACKSTONE series: RED MONOLITH FRENZY and GREEN FEVER DREAM!

Martian Migraine Press is proud to present RED MONOLITH FRENZY, the first book in the BLACKSTONE Erotica series by Justine G. A young anthropology student is drawn into a mad vortex of lust, prophecy, orgiastic cults, and the dangerous practice of sexual sorcery. What will it take to finally seduce the Professor? How many inbred freaks can fit into a dimensional gate and how slippery do they have to be? What dark secrets are kept in the shadow of the Black Stone?

Loosely based on a classic weird tale by Robert E Howard, RED MONOLITH FRENZY is a full 13,000 word novella of transgressive, bizarre sexuality, night-black humour, and cosmic horror! Open yourself to the perverted supernatural world of Justine G!

Praise for Book One of BLACKSTONE…

4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon

5 out of 5 Paddles and “… the best entertainment I’ve had in ages… f**king magnificent… sublime!” — BDSM Reviews

“… damned near the perfect Lovecraftian erotica. Fast-moving, darkly funny, twisted, sexy, and insane, all in the right proportions.”

Justine G “weaves creepy and raunchy into an altogether new kind of tapestry…”