This is one of the more complex sex toy reviews that I have ever done. So much so that I’ve split this review into two parts. What you read below is the pure review of the toy itself. In a second part on my own blog, I discuss the experience I’ve had with the company. (Which I feel isn’t entirely appropriate for a standard sex toy review.) I contacted New Love Creations, the company behind the In Joy Us strapless strap-on system after seeing their call on twitter for lesbian couples willing to test their toy.

In Joy UsThe Quick and Dirty Stats: The In Joy Us is a strapless strap-on system that relies on the power of your own pc muscles to hold in an internal “wedge” to which multiple strap on attachments can be affixed. In our kit, we received a Lela attachment, a Lily attachment and the original In Joy Us internal piece. The “Lela” dildo attachment measures 8 1/2 inches in overall length (7 inches of usable length), and is 2 inches in diameter. The “Lily” dildo attachment measures 6 1/2 inches in overall length (5 inches of usable length), and is 1 1/8 inches in diameter. Along with the In Joy Us “hook”, there was a packet of water based lube and an instruction pamphlet  included in the easy to open plastic clam shell container.

Overall Feel and Fit: All three units are made from silicone, and that “smooth yet somewhat tacky” feel that comes with some types of silicone. The realistic attachment and the In Joy Us hook are relatively heavy as far as a non-glass or metal sex toy goes, but the smaller swirled attachment is quite light. We knew as soon as we opened the box that one of the attachments would never work well with Mrs, which I’ll get into detail about below.

Strapless strap onUsability: The In Joy Us comes with a set of constructions on how to get this somewhat large sized internal hook inside of your body with minimal discomfort. I followed the instructions to a T – laying on your back with your legs bent and spread, you’re told to insert your clean fingers into your vagina – first one, then two, then three – so that your body is ready to accept this hook. Compared to the other strapless strapon systems I have used, this has the largest internal piece by far. Using a ton of lube (the whole packet as well as my own supply) I managed to get the hook in. It was not easy, and not quick, so don’t plan on using this toy for any spur-of-the-moment activities. The process from start to finish took me around 20 minutes. If I would have rushed it, it wasn’t going to happen. (Keeping in mind that I’ve also given birth to a child vaginally, so my “space” isn’t quite as tight as it used to be.)

strapless strapon with changable dildoThen came round two of “try and fit this toy inside of a pussy” – penetrating my wife. To be honest, we didn’t even attempt to get the Lela attachment in. Mrs is a gold star lesbian who has never given birth. We always use smaller toys on her to start with, and the porn-star sized realistic dildo wasn’t going to fit no matter what we did. That left us with the Lela. The toy fit in her well with a good lob of lube, and according to her, felt quite pleasant inside. I was slightly worried about the flexibility of the toy, but it didn’t create too much of an issue during use. The hook stayed inside my body, giving me a “full” feeling the entire time. My body’s layout must be a bit different than what the toy was designed for, as the ridges meant to hit your clit fell short of the mark  with me, even with the hook fully inserted correctly.

Cleanup and Storage: Not quite sure why, but these toys seem to be as much of a lint magnet as a few of the jelly toys we own. Other silicone toys we have don’t quite attract this much lint, even though they are stored in the same way. This is definitely a toy that you’ll need to clean both before and after use. Luckily, with it being silicone, that isn’t too much of an issue. We’re getting enough dishwasher safe toys now that we can throw them all in the dishwasher cycle every few months in between their usual soap and water bath. We haven’t run these pieces through a cycle yet, so if there any problems we’ll update this post!

InJoyUs Sex Toy

Shipping: I did have multiple issues with the shipping of this product, which can be read here. New Love Creations advised me after I brought up my concerns that they will be altering their shipping methods to correct any errors. As of the date of this review, their shipping charges page has not been corrected, so I do suggest if you plan on purchasing this unit from New Love Creations, you contact directly for an accurate shipping cost.

Value for Money: In my opinion, this is an expensive toy. All three pieces retail for more than $240 (just under £150). When I discussed this price level with someone who was working with In Joy Us, they explained that NLC were trying to make up the initial investment into the product line, as well as make sure they have earned enough for a secondary run. From a business standpoint, I can see what they are trying to do, but I can’t help but think that high price tag is going to make some buyers very weary – especially as it is a new and not-yet-established company. At this time, I would not feel comfortable paying that price for this toy system – even if I take the Lela attachment and cost out of the equation.

Review Disclaimer – I was provided this InJoyUs strapless strapon system in exchange for a review from New Love Creations. This review is my true and honest opinion in relation to this toy. Prices and exchange rates were accurate as of the post date of this review and are subject to change.